For women who are looking to step into the person they've been waiting to become. This is a program that will provide you online coaching and provide you the opportunity to grow.

Here's the thing, I've been there. You have BIG goals, and even BIGGER dreams. You've known you wanted to do something for a while, but you're waiting. Maybe you're waiting for the right moment, the right financial situation, or maybe until you get the credentialing you think you need. You might be in a FUNK, and this time around its harder to get out of it. You have people around you or even people you read about that inspire you. Maybe its a friend, or OPRAH. You often find yourself thinking "If I only had (insert desire), then I would be (insert adjective)!" 

#REALTALK ? You already have it. Its within you. So let's get her out of there and bring her out into the sunshine where she belongs. 


"The After Conference Effect"

Have you ever been to a conference, event or retreat and you've left feeling like you can conquer the world? I mean you're on cloud 9, you've written notes, and you know exactly what you want to accomplish. You're empowered to get things done, and make it happen.


We go back to our daily routines. Soon there after, our notebook from that day, filled of ideas and to-do lists begin to collect dust among the other sticky notes we have around us. 

How do we sustain that first feeling we had of feeling ready to conquer the world? How do we make it last? That feeling of optimism, creativity and overall motivation to accomplish what we want. 


Just like an athlete conditions for a race. Its practice. Its about protecting your energy, surrounding yourself with the right people, and being open to the opportunities around you.


She's Still There.

We all have her. The childhood version of yourself who kept dreaming, creating, and imagining possibilities. 

As we grow older, we stop dreaming and start becoming practical. And anytime we try to think of something new, or want to begin... we hear: 

"I'm not worth that"

"I'm afraid to rock the boat, I don't want to damage a good thing"

"If I ask for what I want, they might reject me and not see me the same way"

"I can't take the risks I want because my family financially depends on me"

"I'm never going to get out of the debt I'm in"

"I won't ever have the business I want"

"I'm too old to have the dreams I want"

The negative self talk is too pronounced in our daily lives. Telling us we can't or we shouldn't. Our childhood version of ourselves, is still within us to remind us to play, create, and run after those ideas we've had cooking in the back of our minds. "What are you waiting for?!" She yells.

What I've learned

What I know for sure is that there's not a single solution that will pull you out from where you are and into where you want to be. There's work to be done, and lessons to learn. More importantly, its the way you take what you've learn and implement it into your life.  

Having a set action plan and knowing how you're going to set into motion the goals you have, and strengthening the confidence of yourself and what you create is what will bring you to the version of yourself you have always wanted to be.


I invite you now to step into BADASS that you are.

This is a movement, we will be Building Badassery ™ worldwide.

 Building Badassery ™ is all about:

  • Radiating confidence in each and everything they do

  • Attracting the life you want, and receive in abundance

  • Being ready to work on the goal you’ve put off for so long

  • Begin the path of resilience and asking for what you want

  • Sharing what you’ve learned and paying it forward


If you're ready to ask for what you want

If you want to learn how to feel confident, even when you feel scared and powerless

If you've been putting off a goal you want to work on and need the accountability, space, and the community who supports you in getting it done

If you're ready to dive in deep to what's holding you back

If you're in need of clarity and figuring out what's next

If you want to strengthen the relationships with the people in your life and attract the right people

If you're wanting to begin living the life you want


For six weeks - you’ll be receiving content that you can complete at your own pace. You’ll be able to:

  • Dive into a goal we've been waiting to accomplish

  • Learn how to manifest and cultivate the right people in our lives

  • Ask for what we want, set boundaries, and get comfortable with objections

  • Gain tools to sustain our confidence and skills within our businesses and personal lives

Here's what we will jump into:

  • 6 Weekly Video Lessons and Worksheets

  • 6 Weekly Recorded Video Chats (90 minutes each)

  • 3 One on One Coaching Video Chats with Yany (45 minutes each)

At the end of the 6 weeks you’ll have a road map for the next steps you’ll need to absolutely KILL IT, and begin, implement and execute the BIG goal you’ve been waiting to do.

Building Badassery ™ is a lifestyle, you’ll begin it here but you’ll sustain long after this program. You’ll have the opportunity to be part of a community who will hold you accountable and make sure you you’re on track to hitting the goal you’ve begun.


       Two payments of $272 (Over two months)

Ready to jump in, but have some questions? Let's chat.

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